Real Estate Taxation

Taxation can be one of the most confusing and expensive pitfalls in any real estate transaction.
We at Moshe Binyamini Law Office navigate our clients through all possible taxation terrains when making real estate purchases and transfers.

We help our clients choose the best tax route, starting from charting the tax route pre-transaction, carrying out the deal in accordance with the tax plan, reporting to the tax authorities after signing the agreement, and if necessary, we represent them before the tax authorities.

Whether it is planning and verifying the tax on a sale-with-consideration between the seller and the buyer, a transfer-without-consideration between relatives or designing a preliminary tax planning prior to making any real estate transaction – a good tax plan can save you tens and even hundreds of thousands!

Main services:

Tax consulting and planning
Submitting objections to the Director of Real Estate Taxation
Assessment hearings at the offices of the Tax Authority
Representation before the various appeal committees and appellate courts

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